At first we were going to make a submarine that can land on top of something and listen to it. It would have two bilge pumps as its propulsion device. It would have a video camera in the front, that lets someone watch what is underwater live. It would be a 1 ft by 1.5 ft plexiglass rectangle, that would have smaller stands made out of plexiglass underneath. A hydrophone on the bottom of the robot, would be able to listen to underwater sounds.




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Now we have a sub that has two bilge pumps as its propulsion device. It has a video camera that lets us watch what the sub is seeing live.  It is a 14 inch by 11 inch (35.5 cm by 28 cm) plexiglass rectangle. It does not have microphones to listen things underwater. And it does not have any pexiglass stands to land on top of any thing