Our results for our daphnia lab, show that the heart rate for a daphnia rapidly dereases when exposed to cooler water. This is probably because the daphnia goes into shock, with it's heart rate quickly decreasing when it regains consciousness.

Knowing these facts also shows that if a scuba diver were to go from 22 degrees Celsius immediately to 3 degrees celsius, he/she would probably have a heart attack. The rapid change in temperature changes the amount of blood that is needed to pass through the body to maintain heat, as well. So, when blood is being pumped at the average rate, then is suddenly forced to pump through the body at a slower rate, it would not be enough for the body.

One error that occurred, while we were doing our experiment, was that the daphnia died after we put them in the slide. However, we only had about four daphnia die during our experiment. What we would change most about this experiment would be recording the results exactly. To do this we would have to record the heartbeat of the daphnia and then record it again in slow motion, so we could slowly measure every heartbeat. Our results are accurate, but I believe if we did it by this method the results would be a lot better and more precise.

Our results show what would happen to a daphnia but they also show what would occur if a human were placed in the kind of water that the daphnia were placed in. For further study of Hypothermia this project could be a great one to use. However, what would be better, if possible, would be to compare a daphnia's heartbeat to a human's heartbeat.

We learned that if a person were to go from very warm water to cold water, or vice-versa, it would be very bad for the blood flow and heart rate. This could be helpful in life because sometimes kids decide that it would be fun to sit in a hot tub, then run to the pool and jump in. If a kid had heart problems, this would be very bad, and could end in a fatal disaster.




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