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Problem Statement: How well does the decompression of the soda bottle in the pool represent the decompression of a diver suffering from the Bends. Also at what depth is the decompression illustrated the most accurate.



Method & Materials:

Method: A soda bottle will be placed in a five-gallon water jug. Weights will be placed on a cage attached to the Arrowhead Bottle to sink it. At every four feet another soda bottle will be opened, illustrating the nitrogen that comes out a person's veins if suffering from the "Bends". The water jug represents a diving bell, and even though we are sinking it; there is still air left inside. The deeper it goes, the most pressure there is causing it to look like there is less air.

How we filled the bottle with air


- soda bottle
- clear Arrowhead bottle
- under water video camera
- under water camera
- 6 five pound weights to sink the clear Arrowhead bottle
- extra people to help hold the Arrowhead Bottle
- duct tape
- cage to hold the weights on top of the bottle



We felt a soda bottle is a perfect example of a person suffering from the "Bends." Also the perfect depth for decompressurization of a soda bottle is any depth below 12 feet.