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Problem Statement: In diving, does 1. 100% Oxygen cause "The Bends" faster?
2. 60% Nitrogen, 40% Oxygen
3. 80% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen

Method & Materials: Methods & Materials:
- twelve 2-liter soda bottles(must have clear outsides)
- 12 strater valves(compatible with oxygen tanks)
-12 liters of water
- a supply of pure nitrogen
- a supply of pure oxygen
- a supply of nitrox
- a supply of air
- a video camera

To set this lab up, we first have to pour 1 liter of water into each soda bottle. That will make each body half-filled with water. Unwanted air will still be in the bottle, so to remove all unwanted gasses, we will squeeze the bottle and then put the cap on. This will get rid of 14.7 psi of air in the bottle. Then we must hook these bottles up through the schrader valve and inflate approximately 50 psi of pressure into each 2 liter bottle. We are going to test three different types of gasses, and to insure that our conclusion is not changed by an error, we will test each gas three times. That makes nine 2-liter soda bottles. Dissolving into a liquid is quite a slow process, so the longer the gasses in the bottles have to dissolve, the more of a reaction will been seen when opened. To measure which gasses "bubbled" out more, we will use a video camera to film it and have a ranking system from 1-10.

Hypothesis: Our lab group believes that 100% Oxygen will cause "The Bends"
fastest. Not only is it the heaviest and largest molecule, it is a pure
concentration. I believe O2 in pure concentration will cause "The Bends"
faster than N2 in pure concentration because oxygen molecules are larger and heavier than Nitrogen molecules. This means they have more trouble fitting in
and getting out of the crevasses between water molecules.

Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3

100% Oxygen: 10 9 3 (dis-credit leak) 9.5-Average
80% Nitrogen 20% Oxygen: 7 6 1 (discredit-leak)
60% Nitrogen 40% Oxygen: 4 5 1 (discredit-leak)

Discussion: Please See Analytic Essay

Conclusion: In conclusion, we found that 100% oxygen causes "The Bends" fastest, then air, and finally Nitrox. Using mathematics, we found that 100% O2 causes "The Bends" faster than pure nitrogen.



Analytic Essay (Discussion)