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Title: Observing whether or not diving affects a person's pulse rate.

Problem Statement: Does diving affect a person's pulse rate?

Method and Materials:
* four people
* a stop watch or regular watch
* scuba gear
* dry erase board

First take the pulse of each person on land. To do this put two fingers on their neck, right below the jaw. Count how many times you can feel a beat. Do this for thirty seconds then double this number to get the pulse per minute. Use this same method while a person is on land, in a shower, with their face underwater, floating in the water and three feet underwater.


note: all numbers in the chart are what we thought would be the beats per minute


Note: all pulses are taken by how many beats per minute

Note: the vertical axis is beats per minute while the horizontal axis is the different locations pulses were taken

Results: see Results page

see Analytic Essay

Conclusion: Diving does affect a human's pulse rate due to temperature and added pressure of lower


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