Diagram of our Experiment

 This diagram represents the setup of our project. The insulators on the side are representing what we will use in our experiment.
The Dry Suit
: This insulator is made out of an old fleece. We used this to represent a dry suit because it keeps you warm as a dry suit does, and the outside of the fleece was covered with a plastic bag.
The Wet Suit: The wet suit we used for our experiment was an old piece of neoprene wetsuit that was donated for our experiment.
The Dry Suit w/ Insulator: The dry suit was also a piece of fleece from the same source as before. The insulator that we used was a cotton T-shirt that we later used for another test.
The Cotton T-Shirt: This test was essentially done for two reasons. First, we needed to do a control for the dry suit w/ insulator. Second, it proves the point that if you are diving with just your clothes on, there is no chance that you will be able to stand the temperatures safely.
The Crisco: We originally were using the Crisco in our experiment so that we could simulate the effects of hypothermia if you just had your fat to keep your warm. After our tests, we found that the Crisco worked quite well to keep the heat inside of the plastic bag. In the end we decided that the Crisco was better to represent the blubber of an underwater mammal.



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