Display of Results

This is the Average chart and Graph of the Control

 We noticed when comparing this graph to what we predicted on our hypothesis, that the graph did not have as great of a slope as we thought. Notice that the graph does stop changing as much towards the end of the graphs. We hypothesized this pattern of the graph.

This is the Average Chart and Graph of the Dry Suit as an insulator.

 This graph was irregular, although it followed our predicted pattern. In the beginning of the test, the temperature stayed the same, then there was a dramatic decrease in temperature. Towards the end, the temperature started to remain at a constant temperature.

This is the average graph and chart of the Wet Suit as an insulator

 This graph was slightly different than the rest of our graphs, the slope of the graph remianed fairly constant thoughout the whole test. In fact, if anything, this graph had a steeper slope towards the end, which differed from our hypothesis.

This is a graph and chart of the Dry Suit with the cotton t-shirt as an insulator

 This graph was the typical graph that follwed the same pattern: steep decrease in temperature then a slow decrease in temperature towards the end of the test. This graph with its insulator did the best in trapping heat.

This is a graph and chart for the crisco as an insulator

 We didn't predict that the crisco would do so well in trapping heat. The resulting temperature was 32 degrees, which was only a 9 degree temperature decrease. This graph followed the common pattern that was displayed thoughout all of the graphs.

This is a graph and chart of the T-Shirt as an Insulator

This graph was peculiar toward the middle at around 200-250 seconds. During this period of time, the temperature barely dropped at all, then there was a sudden drop at around 250 seconds. This could be the reaction of any movement from the temperature sensor.

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