Every thing was put on the earth for a certain reason. Dissolved oxygen, or DO can be found many places. One of the places where it is found most is in the ocean Dissolved oxygen is found mostly in the water, and is there to keep the fish and other marine life alive. These animals are built with gills that are made to separate this dissolved oxygen out of the water for them to breath. They would die if there was a sudden huge change in the amount of DO. This is why DO is an important thing to check on regularly. The oxygen comes into the water from the top and seeps slowly down. It is also created when the sea plants do photosynthesis. These plants have to be close to the surface in order to get the sunlight they need. Also the oxygen comes in from streams and rivers that feed into the ocean.

When considering how pressure and depth effect the level of dissolved oxygen one must also consider other factors such as temperature that also have a great effect. The temperature may be a large reason that the water has different oxygen levels as it gets deeper. The warmer water closer to the surface is better able to absorb oxygen because there is more movement among the molecules.. As you go deeper the water gets colder, and therefore there is less oxygen.

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