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This is an interview with Kerry's uncle, Alan who is a well known marine scientist.

Kerry and Alyssa: "Why is there a different level of oxygen in saltwater verse freshwater?"

Alan: "In saltwater, there are less of all gases because the salt takes up some of the space that the dissolved gases could occupy."

Kerry and Alyssa:"Why is dissolved oxygen important to sea life?"

Alan: "On land, animals and humans have 21% oxygen to breathe from the surrounding air. However, in the ocean, there is only 0.001% oxygen to live on. This means that the fish always have to work harder to get oxygen into there systems. Also, the percent of oxygen in air stays regularly constant, yet in the ocean, the level of dissolved oxygen differs due to the temperature, pressure, and sea life. This poses a concern to the sea life."

Kerry and Alyssa: "Why does pressure affect the level of dissolved oxygen?"

Alan: "This is not do to any scientific property or chemical phenomenon. This is only because of the way and location that the oxygen enters the water, and also the amount of fish who use up the oxygen."


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