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  Background Essay

Water resistance and hydrodynamics both affect the speed at which objects move through water. Their meanings both involve shapes, which is the basis for our experiment. After doing research, and experiencing it ourselves, we have discovered that the more water resistance, the slower an object goes when being compared to a highly hydrodynamic object be pulled by an equal force and weighing the same. When doing our experiment with objects of different water resistance, we will have to use the formula: Speed = Distance/Time. We will be using this formula to measure the speed at which a toy train is moving freely, and pulling the various objects. According to our research, the objects with higher frontal surface areas (most water resistance), should travel through the water the slowest. The objects will move by the force of pull from the train, and acting oppositely, the train will slow from the pull of the objects. We do not expect our results to be totally accurate, but rather to give us a general idea and prove that shape has an affect on the speed at which objects weighing the same are pulled through equal water densities.