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 With different surface areas and different shapes, our experiment should help determine the following: How shape and surface area affects the speed at which objects are pulled through water.

V-shaped object: This object is the densest and skinniest of the three objects. We predict that the hydronamic shape of the object will make the object able to travel through the water more easy. The water will not cause as much water resistance that would slow the object down. Its small frontal surface area will also keep water from slowing it down. Estimate speed: one and one-forth of the train dragging no object's speed=1.34 ft/ second.

Square with no holes: Since this object has the largest surface area of the three objects, it should have the affect on the speed of the toy train. We are predicting that the squares resistance to the water will slow the train to one-third of the train's full speed without pulling an object. Estimate speed: 3.21 feet/second.

Square with holes: This square shaped object with obvious gaps will have more resistance than the hydrodynamic V-shaped object, but less than the square object with no holes. Its gaps will take away from its surface area, and will not be as water resistant to the water as the square with no holes. Estimate speed: 2.28 feet/second.