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Measuring the Amount of Air it Takes Objects to Gain Neutral Buoyancy


Problem Statement

How much air will it take to lift each object off the ground under water at two different depths, seventeen feet and at four feet?


This is our hypothesis of the amount of air that diffrent objects need to float at diffrent depths.


Method and Materials


1 Rock
1 Large Penny
1 Toy Car
1 Mug
1 Hole Puncher
1 Measuring Tube with red lines on it
4 Pieces of string
1 Squirt bottle
A lot of Air

First, we take the four strings and tie them to the tube that has marked labels on it in milliliters. Then we attach the four strings to one of the objects listed above. You then go down under water to approximately nine feet with the object and place it on the bottom of the pool. Take the squirt bottle filled with air and put your finger over it to not let the air out under water. Then slowly take your finger off under the tube slowly to let air into it. Right when the object lifts off the base of the pool record how much air there is in the tube. After, do the same thing with the other objects at nine feet. Then do the same experiment with all the objects at four feet. See if there is a difference between the two and write down any conclusions you come to with them.





 Test done at 4 ft

 Test done at 17 ft



Here is a line graph of our result.The reason we have four lines instead of two is because the red and the yellow lines are the tests we did. The other two lines are the correct way they are supposed to look. We are amazed that there was barely a difference between the two depths of seventeen feet and four feet that gave the objects neutral buoyancy.