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 Barbara and I designed an experiment that tested two different psi pressures in a 6-two liter bottle. The materials that we used consisted of six two liter bottles, six liters of water, and six liters of water. We used a bike pump with a pressure gage, to get three bottles up to 80 psi, and 50psi. This experiment would test which pressure would cause the most bubbles. It was a representation of the effects of pressure, and air have on the body in terms of decompression sickness.Decompression Sickness is related to Henry's Law, that describes " the relation between the pressure of a gas, and its ability to dissolve in and out of a liquid. The Bends is a fatal condition that you get when your under pressure and nitrogen is at a high percentage in the gas that you are breathing. The bottles being pumped up with the two pressures, and the fact that they are left to sit for several days, represents a body under pressure, and breathing air.

We predicted that the higher the pressure, the more bubbles would form.Our thinking was concentrated on the fact that the high pressures would force the gas into the water at a higher percentage, then a lower pressure would.When the bottles open several days later, the bottles, in our mind, would depressurize forming more bubbles then the low pressurized bottle. We stated this ,because there is more of the gas in the water in the more pressurized bottles. This is true , because the with 50 psi of air has a high percentage of the gas in the water, but 80 psi there is less room causing more of the gas to dissolve into the water . The results were hard to analyze, but there was a fine line between the 50 and the 80 psi. There was a 60psi added later to the experiment, because one of the 80 psi bottles was not able to contain that much pressure. The 50 psi was second in terms of the most bubbles. This was the case, because the 60 psi bottle leaked down to a very low psi. The 80 psi was the bottle that had the most bubbles, and the 60 psi was not valid in our results, because the 60 psi had 0 bubbles.

There was a high percentage of error in our experiment. The main problem was keeping the bottles from leaking. We were able to over come this problem, because we were able to detect it before we continued with the experiment. For instance, one of the 50 psi bottles leaked, and we were not able to find it before it caused some damage.. Also we had to make sure that we labeled each bottle with correct psi. This was because one of the bottles was supposed to be 80 psi, but later was detected as a 60 psi. So in a way we are testing three psi pressures. In my opinion the error did not destroy the project, but limited the trials. By limiting the trials we were not able to refer back to something to analyze. I also think that my results are somewhat reliable. When I say somewhat, I mean the experiment went well, but we don't have three trials to look back on.

If we had a chance to redesign our project, I think that we would have had more trials. We finished up our project in a short amount of time, and we were only able to work with what we had. We had seven bottles, and when a bottle leaked we had to use that one. Also when another bottle leaked we were left with only two 80 psi bottles. Then one of the 80 psi bottles was not able to keep the pressure of 80 psi, and we had to lower it to 60 psi. Also, another area in which we would redesign our project would be in working in more time. Time was an issue in our schedules, and there was no time to lose. Also, organization was a big factor. We were not as organized, and on the dot as we should have been. We in a way waited till the last minute. More of a variety of different psi would have been more interesting and full. We could have covered pressures, and by doing this we would have found an equation and or a pattern with more time.

The experiment itself did not teach me a lot, but it pushed me to explore and research my topic in more depth. When I say that I mean that it forced me to research my topic and it made me want to learn more about Henry's law. I wanted to be sure that when the results were in,I could analyze it with my own knowledge. Another thing that I learned was that error can effect your whole project if you don't discover it ahead of time, and replace the mistake with something that can give the same effect to the project. Through out this project, the studying on my own was the source of the learning that I acquired.

This project was an amazing experience, and I taught me discipline. I learned to work better with a partner. Working together was the key to working on this project. Organizing an experiment , and then actually doing it was on of hardest part of the lab, but we pulled through. We designed, analyzed, and finished an experiment which involved tons of team work. The advice that I give to the DEEP students of the future, take every minute and treasure it. Also don't start too late, and make sure that you and your partner have a complete urge for teamwork.