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We both agree that more bubbles will form with the 80psi. Since there was a lot error, some of the bottles were not as pressurized. Look at the chart below to see the error, and our hypothesis


 50 PSI  80 PSI
Trial#1 We already got the results from trial #1, 50 psiThere were bubbles froming on the outside of the bottle walls. This psi pressure will come in last between 80 and 60, in terms of the amount of bubbles.

Trial#1 This pressure will cause the most bubbles out of all the other pressures. We have come to this conclusion, because we think that the gas with the greater percentage. We made our conclusion around Dalton's Law. Dalton's Law is the law of partial pressure. If there is more of a gas in a mixture, then that gas will have a higher percentage in our body.



Trial #2 We think that the the results from trial be the same as trial #1.  Trial#2 {Leaking} There will probablly be no bubbles in this bubbles in this bottle, because the leek was so intense.
 Trial#3 The same  Trial#3 60 psi. When pumping up his bottle, the pump was not able to get the pressure up to 80 psi. There will be bubbes, but not as much as the 80 psi. This psi pressure will be in second in terms of the most bubbles.