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 -6 2 liter bottles

- 6 liters of water to fill the bottles half way with water

- 6 tire valves

- bike pump

1. fill each bottles with one liter of water, almost half way.

2. Drill a hole in the top of each bottle

3. fit the tire valve through the hole, so that it is fully secure.

4. Label three to four days for the gas to dissolve into the water.

5. Pump three of the bottles with 50 psi, and the other three with 80 psi.{make sure you wear goggles, in case the bottle explodes}

6. Wait three to four days for the gas to dissolve into the water.

7. With viseo camera in hand, open each bottle and film the reaction of each psi.

8. Analyze each video clip later.

These are the six bottles that we used. They are all at different psi, as you can see the labels on the front.


 This is one of the tire valves that we used. The tire valves that we used have screws on the outside and the inside of the cap to hold in the air. On the top there is a cap that comes with the tire valve, which secures the top.


 This is the inside of the bottle cap. It's the inside swrew that secures, and holds the air in the bottles.

 This is a picture of a tire gage, that is on the air pump. This gage is used to watch the pressure going into the bottle.