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Backround information on Robert Boyle


Robert Boyle was born January 25th, 1627. Boyle was a special type of philosopher, who took his breaking ground type of philosophies and actually experimented on them. In other words, he was an experirimental philosopher. He set out to change humans view of nature. In doing so, he had to challenge famous theories that were already well-established. He even challenged some of Aristotle's theories. His deep level of thinking, and the complexity and depth of his view of the world helped him to do so.

Boyle was born into a wealthy family. He was the youngest son of Richard Boyle, one of the richest and influential man in Britain. Thus, his upbringing was conventional and normal of people of his stature. He recieved a good education at prestigous schools such as Oxford College. At Oxford College, Boyle completed many books on Natural Philosophy. These books have contributed priceless knowledge to the world of Science. Two of Boyles most notable contributions to Science include how contents are affected by pressure, and how the vacuum works.


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