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 method and materials

Problem Statement:

1. How many pounds per square inch of pressure, must be pumped into a balloon to cause it to rupture at: 0 feet under water, 5 feet under water, 10 feet under water, and 15 feet under water?

2. What is the relationshiop between the pressure required to pop the the balloon and the pressure(which icreases as depth increases) exerted on the balloon.








 Trial 1: pressure

 2 psi

 4 psi

 5 psi

 6.5 psi

Trial 2: pressure

 2 psi

 4 psi

 5 psi

 6.5 psi

 Trial 3: pressure

 4 psi

 5 psi

These results, as one can see, prove Boyle's Law. Boyle's Law states that as pressure increases, volume decreases and that as pressure decreases volume increases. Our experiment was not to prove Boyles Law however, itwas to find the realtionship between the pressure needed to pop the balloon and the pressure exerted on it. The following is what we observed from our results:

1. As pressure increases(as a result of depth increase) on the balloon, more pressure is needed inside the balloon to rupture it.

2. The amounnt of pressure needed to burst the balloon increased at a fairly constant rate.

3. The results show that there is a linear relationship between the depth and pressure required to burst a balloon. Fortunately, this pattern is precisely what we have been looking for in our expereiment.

Here is a graph of our averaged results.


Note: We did not have enough time to perform a third trial at 0 ft and 15ft