Computer- Data Studio

Temperature Sensor

Interface PASCO

Adaptor Condor

3 flasks (500 mm)


Ice Water

Kitchen Oil @ Room Temperature

Vinegar @ Room Temperature

Alcohol @ Room Temperature

Water @ Room Tmperature



To do the corresponding lab you must do as followed: First

go to "Items for 8th Grade," and open Data Studio. Click on "Create Experiment." Attach

the temperature sensor to the Interface PASCO, and stick the sensor itself into the kitchen oil, and

place the flask in the bucket of ice water. Then, drag the temperature sensor icon

onto the image of the Interface PASCO. After that, click on the image of the graph to tell the computer to

graph the results. Click on "options" to set the times, and type "120 seconds" into the "ending time"

space. This will make the graph stop running after 2 minutes. After the computer is all set up, hit "run,"

and watch the graphs. Repeat these steps for the vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. Do the entire process

two more times, and find the average of the ending points of all the substances.



(This picture is also on the Diagram page)




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