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 St. Matt's DEEP Page

1. Place a bottle on the side of the pool or on a flat surface
2. Open the bottle
3. Start the stop watch
4. Stop filming when one minute has passed
5. Take the first bottle down down in the pool 5 feet
6. Open the bottle and start filming
7. Start the stop watch
8. Stop filming at one minute
9. Do the same for 10 and 17 feet under water
10. After you are done filming, look at the film
11. Compare the bubbles at each depth and see what differences there were in the amounts and sizes of the bubbles
12. Record what the differences were with each increase

1. 10 one liter bottles of Club Soda
2. video camera
3. 2 under water still cameras
4. under water stopwatch
5. Teacher or other student to film results