§   Six wooden sticks
§   One open field
§   One measuring tape
§   One protractor
§   One calculator
§   2 people
§   Sketches of plans for experiment
§   One computer
§   Micro World Software 1.0
§   Poster board

We are going to construct a field course that takes us to a destination and back to the starting point. This course will contain several obstacles (wooden sticks), which will create the directions of the course. After creating the control, we are going to alter the sides of the course. One of the variables that we will demonstrate is adding four feet to each side of the control and observing whether or not the path returns to the starting point. Another variable we will make to the course will be observing the effect of multiplying the control sides by two. Then we observe whether or not the alteration of the course takes us back to the starting point. Besides doing the experiment on the field, we will illustrate the experiment on a poster board that we will draw ourselves. The poster board will exemplify the outcome of the control, the variables (multiplying the control sides by 2, adding 4 feet to each side of the control). To determine whether these results are accurate, we are going to demonstrate this experiment with a program called Micro World. This software enables us to use the exact angles and measurements used to create the course and their variables.



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