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Picture of Will under the water in Catalina.

Though Molly was not able to be apart of the trip to Catalina, I was fortunate enough to have an experience that expanded my knowledge about refraction. I found it interesting that everything I had learned about refraction was demonstrated when diving in the ocean. I noticed how things underwater appeared larger and farther away. For example, the fish underwater seemed so much larger than they really are. No wonder people perceive sharks to be big creatures when they really are smaller than you think. It was also exciting to be able to look up toward the surface when at shallow depths and to be able to observe what light rays look like as they pass from air to water. Did you know that it is possible to get sunburned even if your 15 feet underwater? Well, it is because of the strength of the sun and because light is magnified when passed through water. It was helpful to see these principles of refraction being applied to the real world.