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Testing the Refraction of Light through Water in Various Shaped Bottles




Problem Statement: How does the shape of the squares on checkerboard change, when looked through by various shaped bottles?


Method: First we build a platform for the experiment. The board will be approximently 1x1x5. On oneend there will be a waterproof camera and on the other, a checkerboard. Directly in between the camera and the board will be Velcro. The Velcro will serve as a way of attaching the bottles to the board. Once we place the board on a flat surface we will take a few pictures of the squares through the bottle with the camera at the opposite end. We will do this two to three times for every bottle, which will end our experimnt. These pictures will help us observe how the checkerboard squares distrot when looked through by differnt by the differnt bottles.



- Board (1x1x6)

- Two underwater disposable cameras

- Duct Tape

- Velcro

- Three different shaped bottles (one round, one square and one "odd" shaped)

- Hot glue gun (to hold board up)

- Checkerboard

- Ruler