Method and Materials


5 ten-foot tubes
Three pieces of red Plexi glass
Three pieces of yellow Plexi glass
Three pieces of blue Plexi glass
15 pieces of clear Plexi glass
Two tubes of 5-minute Epoxy
One tube of white grout
12 rubber stoppers
One light sensor
One light bulb


1. Cut each five foot tube into twelve different pieces: Four 2 feet pipes, four 4 feet pipes, and four 6 feet pipes, there will be 2 feet extra.

2. Drill a whole at on of the end of the pipes in order to be able to get water into the pipes once the Plexi glass is on. Make sure that the whole is large enough for the stopper to be placed in and not fall through to the other side.

3. Mix up the epoxy and apply to one end of a pipe, and place a piece of plexi glass on the end. Hold the plexi glass onto the pipes for about 2-3 minutes; let it dry completely for about an hour. Make sure that there is a colored and a clear plexi glass on each one, except for the control with two clears. There should be one of each different length for each color.

4. Once the epoxy is dry spread the grout around the edges to make sure that it will not leak through the edges. Let the grout dry for about an hour. To make sure that all the glue it dry let the pipes dry overnight.

5. Fill each pipe up with water and put the rubber stopper into the whole. Lay the tube down on its side.

6. Put the light bulb at the end of the pipe with the colored plexi glass. Place the light sensor at the other end where the clear plexi glass is.

7. plug in the light bulb and shine through the tube and read the light sensor. Record your data.


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