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For many years men have sailed under the ocean with the purpose of exploration. Many different models of underwater transportation and equipment have been utilized in this process. Manned submersibles can dive to deep depths and discover the many marvels of the ocean. However, the large manned submarines cannot reach extreme depths and small spaces. This obstacle has been surmounted with the advent of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). These smaller craft can carry large amounts of equipment and accomplish everything and more of what a manned submarine is capable of. Two major types of AUVs are those controlled directly by humans and those pre-programmed to carry out a certain mission. Our AUV is controlled directly by us with a handheld controller. Also, our vehicle is not quite as sophisticated as those built by large civilian contractors and the military. But our design allows for full directional maneuvering including submerging and surfacing. While our design is somewhat un-orthodox, we are confident that it will be successful. As for background on our project, we have designed the vehicle from scratch. We drew up our own plans and built every thing except the motors ourselves. We hope you will find our site quite informative and interesting. Thank you for dropping by.



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