Method & Materials


Engine Components:

-two 1 foot long, 2 inch diameter acrylic tubes

-two heavy model boat motors

-two u-joints

-two 8 inch drive shafts

-two 2 inch diameter Easter eggs.

-two 3/4 inch counter-rotating props.

-three 2 inch diameter acrylic bulkheads

Hull Components:

-one 3 inch diameter, 3 foot long acrylic pipe

-one 3 inch diameter light bulb cover

-one 3 inch diameter bulkhead

-one 1 inch long, 1/4 inch diameter tube

Electrical system components:

-one 7.8 volt battery

-two 9.6 volt battery

-four15 inch waterproof high-voltage wires

Ballast system components:

-18 ft of surgical hose

-one 11 inch balloon

-one Ultraflate Pro Carbon Dioxide quick inflate bicycle pump

-sixteen Carbon Dioxide cartridges

-one t-connector for surgical hose

Performance Tests:


-above and below water


Turning Radius:

-above water


Buoyancy control







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 Method & Materials



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