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 Analytic Essay
Ian Martineau


First off, the ROV I built was a larger success than I thought it would be. Although there were some issues, one of them being major. Besides a few problems I believe that it was a success.

My results show that it was not all that bad. For average speed, my results show that it can reach speeds up to about 1.5 foot per second. I didn't get to fully test its depth capability because the engine short circuited either from getting to hot, or from getting water in it. So I have no results for that but I am sure it would have done fairly well.

During my experiment, I saw that a larger battery worked a lot better than the lantern sized battery the book told me to use. For a large battery, I used a car battery, which i think was part of the reason my vertical engine stopped working (to much power).

I would change several things if I had the chance to do it again. Firstly, I would try to build better motors, and then try to make the frame less water resistant and more hydrodynamic. Longer wires or a waterproof control box would be good as well. And more tests would be more helpful. I would also have a partner.

I learned a couple things from doing this experiment. First of all, I learned that it is always good to have a partner so you can do half of the work and leave the other half to your partner. I also learned how to weld and wire things. But other than that I learned things can never be totally waterproof especially electrical things. Like the motors, for example. The vertical motor got water in it which prevented it from working.