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 March 16:

We went shopping for most of my equipment such as the frame and electrical parts of my project...I could not find the toilet wax though.

March 19:

While in Oregon I went to several stores and got glue, metal mesh, and some wires as well. I also went go carting but that is of no importance.

March 21:

This was the first day of building. I started and completed the frame and the engines. To complete the engines, I had to wire them, wax them, water proof them, and attach them to the frame

March 23:

My father and I worked on the wiring for the control box. This required soldering, stripping, and screwing. I had to wire three switches and connect each of them to a different motor. After I was done (three hours later), I tested them on a car battery.

March 25:

Finished my project and got it ready to take to Long beach

At Long Beach:

At first the vertical motor worked, then it short-circuited therefore preventing me from getting the results for depth.