Method and Materials


- 250 ml flask

- 2 Holed size 8 1/2 stopper (2)

- Pressure Sensor with tube

- Pasco Interface Box

- Temperature Sensor

- Computer

- Matches

- Butt Tube cleaned with Simple Green

- 3 Scuba Tanks
One tank with 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen (regular air)
One tank with 70% nitrogen and 30% oxygen (nitrox)
One tank with 60% nitrogen and 40% oxygen (nitrox)


1. Attach pressure sensor to the first hole of the stopper
2. Attach temperature sensor to the first hole of the stopper
3. Insert the tube attached to the scuba tank that you wish to use into the mouth of the flask s and turn on
4. Make sure you blast the flask completely with the air you wish to use
5. Light two matches and allow the fire to burn onto the wood of the match
6. Drop the matches into the flask and quickly seal the flask with the rubber stopper inserted with the temperature and pressure sensor.
7. Record data on the computer and check the partial pressure
8. Record data

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