Thank You

hg jhThank You to Mrs. McCuskey for all of her mathematical knowlege, help, and encouragement throughout the project. That note you wrote for us on one of the progress reports really provided an incentive to put our hearts into this project. We would also like to thank Mr. Harlan for providing all of the scientific and technical knowledge relating with our project and for some amusing times to relieve our tense nerves. Thank you Rene Mousseux for providing scuba diving instruction throughout the DEEP program. A special thank you goes out Mrs. Lorenz for all of her help on creating and designing our web sight. However, we would like to especially thank her for staying after school with us so that we were able to complete our project to the fullest extent. A thank you also goes out to Mrs. Christian for also helping us with math related calculations. Thank you to all the teachers for being so supportive throughout our whole project!

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