100 ft. of speaker wire

Sony Tape Player

One roll of Duct Tape

25 ft. of PVC Pipe

8 PVC Pipe connectors

One box of Deck Screws


16 ft. of 4"x4" wood

One Pen

Tape with 5 sounds lowest- highest

Felt Tip Sound System Software


Foam insulation

Plastic Tuperware


Sound Spliter

Silicon Aquarium Glue

Four 1/2" bolts

Wire splicers

Electrical tape

Power drill

Drill bits

Jig Saw


Weight belt

- Assemble the apparatus along the edge of the pool
- Attach your speakers to the end of the PCV pipe and weigh them down with a weight belt
- Connect the speakers to the tape player
- Plug the hydrophone into the Laptop and open Amadeus Sound Software
- Duct tape the Hydrophone to the PVC pipe at 11 feet underwater
- Lower the speakers to 11 f
eet underwater
- Play the tape through once and save the data on the computer
- Adjust the hydrophone to 2,3,4,5,6, and 7 feet and repeat the experiment
- Repeat the experiment at 7 feet deep, 3 feet deep, and 1 foot deep
- Clean up your materials
- Remember to SAVE YOUR DATA!