Title~ Discovering how Kinesthetic and Visual senses are used underwater compared to on land.

Problem Statement~How does kinesthetic sense differ underwater as opposed to over water? How does visual sense differ on land as opposed to underwater?





Method and Materials~
~ Oil Pastels
~ Clear Overhead Projector Paper
~ Scuba gear
~ 4 testing people (2 boys + 2 girls)
~ Blindfolds (Bandanas)
~ 4 Metal yard sticks
~ Protractor
~ 4 Bean bag weights

1. Get scuba gear on and get into the water to measure out the course
2. Using the yardstick, measure out 8 feet from starting point.
3. Lay down a weight, then turn 90 degrees left and measure out 12 feet.
4. Lay down another weight, and turn 90 degrees left again and measure out 8 feet
5. Lay down a weight, and turn 90 degrees left again and measure out 12 feet, this should lead you back to be you started. Lay down one final weight.
6. For visual people, let them see the course then but the bandana on the first test person.
7. Record how many feet away the person is from each mark on the course
8. Write the results on the Visual table on the Clear Overhead Projector Paper with Oil Pastels
9. Repeat steps 6-8 with the kinesthetic test people
10. Now take your other test people (who you did not use for the visual test) and blindfold them before they see the course
11. Lead them around the course once then let them do the course by themselves.
12. Record how many feet they were away from each weight.
13. Do this same experiment over water.
14. Compare results

Conclusion~ Kinesthetic Sense differs on land from underwater by 42.69 inches. Visual sense differs on land from underwater by 3.69 inches.

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