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! Thank You SO Much !
First of all Alexa and I would like to thank all of our “coaches” for DEEP. Mrs. Christian and Mrs. McCuskey for all of the math help. Mrs. Lorenz for tons of technical assistance and Mr. Harlan for the random spurts of crises and science help!
Thanks to Scuba Mike for teaching us how to scuba dive, and how to blow bubble rings. Without him this experiment would have been a disaster.
Thank you Mr. Frost our advisor for this project, and the instructor for the original kinesthetic and visual experiment.
Thank you Long Beach Pool for contributing to the DEEP project.
Thank you Jack In The Box for feeding our hunger.
And last but not least to our guinea pigs (or victims as we liked to call them) Haley, Timmy, Erin, Alex, John, and Nora M.