The first few days of D.E.E.P were spent figuring out what topic would be best for us. Neither one of us were very advanced with power tools or technical engineering so we finally decided to make gliders. Nobody has done these gliders before and we wanted to be original so it was the wisest decision that we could have made. We used the next couple periods building our gliders. At first we built two mark one gliders with the same weight. We soon realized that the experiment would not be as interesting with only these two same gliders therefor, we concluded that we should make the mark two glider as well. We only made one mark 2 glider. The gliders did not take too long to build so we worked on our computer project for the next few classes. Then on April 13, we tested out our gliders. The washer on one of the mark one gliders fell off during the testing, and then we got a brilliant idea. We put a lighter weight on it instead of putting the same heavy weight back on. This made our experiment much better because we now had three different gliders. The next few classes we got all of our materials ready for Long Beach and gathered them all in a big box. We also added tape and a hot glue gun to the box incase there was some sort of problem at Long Beach. We were very well prepared for Long Beach and when we finally got there and used them, they worked perfectly.

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