Releasing Carbon Dioxide from a Club Soda bottle in a Controlled Manner


Problem Statement:

At what rate should we release the pressure from a club soda bottle so that no bubbles form?

Method and Materials:


  • 85 inches of plastic tubing (semi-thick)
  • Three way valve
  • 6 hose clamps
  • 00 size stopper
  • Pressure sensor
  • Two way valve
  • Connector
  • Silicone
  • Several club soda bottles
  • CO2 pumper
  • Stop watch
  • Soda bottle cap

Designing the contraption
1. Cut tubing into three different pieces
2. Attach one side of each piece of tubing to three way valve
3. Secure each side with hose clamp
4. At the end of tubing on top valve, attach two way valve and secure with clamp
5. Connect CO2 pumper to two way valve
6. At the end of left side tubing attach connector with soda bottle cap sealed on
7. At the end of right side tubing attach pressure sensor
8. Drill a hole through the cap of the bottle that will exactly fit the size of the connector (must fit without any air escaping)
9. Put connector through Sprite cap and seal with silicon

Setting the bottle
1. Turn pressure sensor on and connect to computer
2. Connect different cap to the soda bottle
3. Open two way valve
4. Put cap onto newly opened bottle
5. Pump CO2 into bottle until pressure sensor reads 206 KPA
6. Close two way valve once filled

Doing the experiment
1. Start the stop watch and slowly open the valve a very small amount at the same time
2. One the pressure sensor reads 172 KPA, close the value and stop the stopwatch
3. Record the time
4. Wait 30 seconds between each time
5. Do the same for 137 KPA and 103 KPA
6. Record the time it takes to get to each pressure
7. Repeat for 3 trials


We think that the rate will be 50 seconds to drop 5 PSI at a time, which is a total of 150 seconds to drop from 30 PSI to 15 PSI.

Results: (Click here)

Analytic Essay: (Click Here)


We found that the rate to drop five PSI from a club soda bottle was about 60 seconds so that no bubbles would form.

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