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This graph stops before it reaches 103 KPA because we saw bubbles before it reached 103 KPA. This graph shows the results for 45 seconds.
This graph declines at a slower rate than the one before. However, it too, does not make it to 103 KPA due to bubbles before that time. This graph is for 55 seconds.
This graph shows the time for 60 seconds. This graph shows that we were able to bring the bottle down to 103 KPA without any bubbles showing.

These results show that at 45 seconds, the pressure was released too fast and we ended up with bubbles and did not make it down to 100 KPA. At 55 seconds, we had the same problem. However, at one minute, we were able to let the pressure out at a slow enough rate, so that by 100 KPA, there were no bubbles.

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