Experimnent Method-

1. Test the Starboard, Port, and Vertical engines

2. Pick a partner to be in the water and time the ship

3. Pick the partner to operate the ship

4.Mark 20 feet (length) on the side of pool

5.Place the sub on surface of the water

6. Operator start horizontal engines; person underneath start timer and make sure sub does not go off course

7. Person underneath stop timer at 20 feet

8.Operator write down the results of time on data table

9. Repeat same process for 5 feet under, 10 feet under, and 15 feet under (three times each)



-6 feet of 2-inch acrylic tube

-4 feet of 5 inch wide acrylic panel

-3 spools of 25' pos/neg wire

-3 on/off switches

-3 engines (2 Euro-tech trinity; 1 Caliber speed-works)

-2 battery packs (one 1500; one 3000)

-1 battery charger

-1/8 inch propshaft

-prop nut (holds the prop on shaft)

-two 1" plastic propeller

-one 2" metal propeller (Octura)