Our topic that we did our experiment on was buoyancy and how it relates to wetsuits. Since many people use wetsuits to scuba dive and since buoyancy is a big part of scuba diving, we decided to figure out the buoyancy of a wetsuit at different depths. Figuring out the buoyancy of a wetsuit at different depths would be important to a scuba diver so that he can know how much weight to wear and what kind of wetsuit he’ll need depending on how deep he goes.
We ended up testing three different kinds of wetsuit, a summer wetsuit, a spring wetsuit, and a winter wetsuit. Each wetsuit was different in two ways, how much it covers, and how thick it is. We were testing the buoyancy of all the wetsuits, however, once we figured out what happened to the buoyancy, we figured out what happed to the thickness of the wetsuits as the depth became greater. Our results showed that the buoyancy became less for each wetsuit which means that the wetsuits became thinner as we pulled them down.

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