Sir Robert Boyle the chemist is known as he “Father of Modern Chemistry.” Robert Boyle was born in 1627 and died in 1691. He was born in Lismore, Ireland and died in London, England. After spending some time in Ireland, he later moved to London. During his profession he often worked with colleague Sir Robert Hooke. Together they made and redefined the air pump. He had many achievements through life. For example, he made a formula for mostly scuba divers, known as Boyle’s Law. Boyle’s Law states that if the pressure increases then the volume decreases, and vice versa if the pressure decreases then the volume increases. The Formula for his law is P1 x V1=P2 x V2. P means pressure, and v means volume. Also as he lived in London, he helped start the Royal Society of London. Also this law helps with diver safety, there is one rule that states “never hold your breath.” This is because when you take in a breath of air at 33 feet or 1 atmosphere, it is the equivalent to taking two breathes of air at the surface. This is because on land there is 14.7 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, but as we go 33 feet the pressure doubles to 29.4 psi. Like his law, since there is more pressure at 33 feet, it takes up less volume in your lungs. But if you hold your breath and swim up the pressure decreases and the volume increases there fore causing a rupture in your lung. This is how Sir Robert Boyle became the “Father of Modern Chemistry.”