Determining the amount of oxygen used performing various excursus in and out of water.

Problem Statement:
How will the amount of air consumed change as the depth changes?

The amount of energy consumption (work) will increase as the depth of water, in which an activity occurs, is increased.


Method and Materials:

- dive computer
- flash drive
- a PC
- smarter download
- scuba gear (no fins)

1. Inflate buoyancy compensatory
2. Lie face up on the surface of the pool
3. Make snow angel movements (no fins)
4. Repeat at 5 feet, 10, 15 feet deep
5. For each depth, adjust BC to achieve neutral buoyancy
6. Put the dive computer next laptop
7. Have it transfer the information by infrared to the laptop
8. Analyze the data
9. The person that is not doing the experiment will be taking picturesResults:


Over all, our data expresses that the deeper you go, the more air you consume.