Title: Finding the volume of carbonation of soda at different depths under water.

Problem Statement: What will happen to the volume of the carbonation as the surrounding water pressure increases?

Hypothesis: As the pressure increases, we predict the volume will decrease.

-hose clamp
-rubber stopper
-oil pastels
-piece of plastic

1. hold bottle and funnel at surface
2. open bottle of 7-up under funnel
3. measure how much carbonation went into the tubing/funnel from bottle
4. repeat 2 & 3 at bottom of window depth
5. repeat 2 & 3 at bottom of pool depth
6. 3 trials at each depth

Results: See Results page.

Conclusion: As we went to different depths in the pool, the volume of carbonation didn't change much but it did get less as we went deeper. See Results.