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Sound Waves
What is a sound wave? The easiest way to describe a sound wave is by using three characteristics; wavelength, frequency and amplitude.
Wavelength is the distance from one peak of a wave and the next peak of a wave.
Frequency is also know as pitch; measured in cycles per seconds or Hertz (Hz)
Amplitude is the measure of energy in a sound wave; usually measured in decibels (dB)

High-Frequency Sound Wave


Low-Frequency Sound Wave

Loud Sound


Quiet Sound

Pleasant Sound


Sound level is measured in decibels(dB). A decibelsl is the unit measuring the intensity of sound waves. Some might find the decibelsl scale odd, because the human ear is very sensitive. On the decibels scale, near to total silence is 0 dB. A sound to times more powerful to the human ear is 10 dB. A sound that is 20 times more powerful is 20dB.

Examples of common sounds on the decibels scale:
- A whisper- 15 dB
- Average conversation- 60 dB
- A lawnmower- 90 dB
- A car horn-110 dB
- A gunshot/ firecracker- 140 dB