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How different pitches are heard underwater from different distances

Problem Statement:

How well can a high, medium and low pitch sound be heard from 1 ft, 2ft, 3, ft and 4ft away from a speaker, underwater?

Method and Materials
- Battery powered speakers
- 2 gallon Zip-lock bags
- Tupperware container

- CD player
- CD (with low, medium and high pitch sounds that were taken from Garage Band)
- Tape

- Sound Studio
- Extra batteries
- Duct tape
- Computer
- Ruler
- Bath tub

- Recorder

1.) Waterproof recorder- put tape recorder into 3 plastic bags, squeeze air out of bag.
2.) Waterproof speakers- Put speaker and cd player in a heavy duty waterproof tupperware. Put tupperware in the 2 gallon Zip-lock bag.

3.) Mark edge of bath tub using a ruler, 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet and 4 feet
4.) Lower tupperware about 1 foot underwater.
5.) Record low pitch sound. Run at least 3 trials.
6.) Repeat step 5, with the medium and high pitch sound.
7.) Move the recorder 2 feet from the CD player and speaker. Play and record the three pitches of sounds.
8.) Repeat step 7 moving up to 4 feet from the cd payer and speakers.
9.) Clean up materials.
10.) Play sounds into the computer from the tape recorder. Record sounds to computer.
11.) Use Sound Studio (or other sound program) to graph the sounds.


We think the highest pitch sound will travel the best underwater. We also think that the sounds will best be heard one foot away from the speakers.


Our results support that the medium pitch sound was best heard at three feet away from the speaker. The second best heard sound was the low pitch sound at three feet away from the speaker. Our results do not vary enough between each sound and distance, to fully proove that the medium sound, at three feet away from the speaker, will always be the best heard sound out of all the sounds and distances we tested.