We would like to thank several people for contributing to our project. First of all, the teachers of the D.E.E.P. program including Mrs. McCuskey, Mr. Harlan, Mr. Kerlin, Mrs. Lorenz, and Mrs. Christian, who were all a huge help with our web design, experiment, math, science, and essays. Also, a special thanks to Anna’s uncle, who sent us an air tight valve which allowed our experiment to work with Nitrox. Another thank you goes to our two scuba instructors, Mike and Pat, who taught us how to scuba dive. Thank you to all the web sites we got pictures and information from. (See bibliography for the web sites we used.) Most of all, we would like to thank John Dalton, for his contributions to our projectand the world of science.
Thank you everyone!!


DEEP Web Site
Lab Report
Results and Conclusion
Analytic Essay
Background Information
 Method and Materials
Special Thanks

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