Title: Mac and Joey's Submarine

Problem Statemant: How fast will our submarine surface

Hypothesis: We think our submarine will surface at a speed of 1/24th of a foot per second

Method and Materials:
- 2 .5 by 12 inch tubes
-1 1.5 by 24 inch tube
-4 orange caps
- 3 direct current motors
- 35 feet of wire
-apoxy and silicon
- 2 corks
- 2 batteries
- 2 electrical control boxes
- 3 poles to connect tubes
- soldering iron and solder
- scissors, tape, wire stripper

Our first step was to glue the small tubes together. We used an aal to put holes in the tubes, then inserted the plastic sticks into them. We melted two more holes on the tubes, and put two more plastic sticks in. These connected to the top compartment. Since the motors were connected to a switch on the surface, we had to do a lot of soldering to extend the wire length. The wires were then threaded through the top compartment and through the plastic sticks into the two little tubes, where they connected to the motors. We drilled holes in the orange caps to the motors would stay in the tubes but the tips could stick through the holes. This is where attached the propellers. The other ends of the wires were solderd to the battery wire, which was then soldered to the switch. This gave us a complete circuit. To stabilize the sub, we wrapped it in heavy-duty duct tape. We also put cork behind the motors to get an almost perfect neutral buoyancy. (Diagram)


Conclusion: Our sub surfaces at a rate of .13 feet per second.