Title: Measuring the Speed of our Sub

Problem Statement: What is the horizontal speed of the submarine when it is underwater?

Method and Materials:

See iBlog to see pictures and descriptions of materials and the building/design process

• Submarine

• Yard stick
• Stopwatch
• Pool (to test in)

1. Measure 10 feet of distance and mark the start and the end with tape on the pool deck

2.Place the sub at the start and turn the toggle switch “on’
At the same time, press “start” on the stopwatch

3. Let sub run until it passes the end piece of tape
Right as it passes the end tape, press “stop” on the stopwatch

4. Catch sub and turn toggle switch “off”


Horizontal Time (sec) 11


Horizontal Speed (feet per sec)

Results: See Results Page


Conclusion: Our final conclusion is that the horizontal speed of our sub is 1.02 feet per second.