Diving Educational Enrichment Program

By Alex and Greg

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Lab Report

Title: Underwater Engineering

Problem Statement: How does having a nosecone on a submarine affect how it moves through the water, compared to without one?

Method and Materials: The materials we used were a submarine, a stopwatch, a swiss pen for writing underwater, a yardstick, a cd case for writing on, and weights to keep the yardstick from floating to the top.

To get results, set the yardstick down on the bottom of the pool, held by the weights. Wind up each propeller 45 times underwater. Have a partner start the stopwatch the same time you let got of the propellers. Stop the timer at 15 seconds, and mark where the submarine stopped with the swiss pen. Record the number of inches it traveled in 15 seconds on the cd case with the swiss pen. Once you have finished trials for the submarine with the nosecone, and without, you are finished!