The ability to see underwater, depends on the amount of light at the certain depth. The light that enables people to see underwater is effected by the reflection of the light rays. 1. 18% of the light rays reach a depth of 18 meters, and 1% reach 100 meters. Some light rays come from the sun, which is reflected from the surface. The rays are also reflected by any air bubbles which have been formed by the motion of the water.
When we are underwater, we cannot see as well as if we were above water because when we are underwater, light does not travel very far. Therefore we cannot see the colors that they originally are. Even if they are up close underwater some colors change just barely and others change very much.
When looking at an object from a long ways away, the colors change into different shades. For instance, red is the first color that starts to gradually fade. Red has a long wave length, where as purple has a short wave length. The wave lengths are in the order of the colors of the rainbow. Such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. With long viewing distances, fluorescent green and yellow-green are excellent. With short viewing distances, fluorescent orange is also excellent.





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