-Wooden box
-Colored Laminated Paper
-Marked Wood
-Bolts and Wing nuts
-Weight Belts
-Waterproof Cameras




Making our experiment was pretty difficult. First we built a wooden box that was not flimsy but firm.

Next we measured and marked a wooden board with two foot intervals because pictures need to be taken at least two feet away from an object. Then we put in bolts and wing nuts through the board and box to keep them together, and we could also take it apart to keep it portable. Then we put weight belts on the top of the box so it would not float. After stepping on the board so it could stay as it is and have an accurate measurement, we took the pictures at the marked lengths.


After taking all of the pictures we needed, we took them to go get developed. We specifically got them developed without being color adjusted. Sine we had all of the pictures in hand, we went back to the lab and scanned the pictures. Then we made graphs and tables of our results.

A drawing of our project that Claire drew!





2 ft 39 Red with Red
4 ft 24  
6 ft 17  
8 ft 11  


2 ft 32 Red with Green
4 ft 27  
6 ft 23  
8 ft 19  


2 ft 45 Red with Blue
4 ft 39  
6 ft 33  
8 ft 28  





2 ft 52 Orange with Red
4 ft 56  
6 ft 61  
8 ft 67  


2 ft 14 Orange with Green
4 ft 19  
6 ft 34  
8 ft 37  


2 ft 28 Orange with Blue
4 ft 42  
6 ft 47  
8 ft 54  





2 ft 18 Yellow with Red
4 ft 26  
6 ft 31  
8 ft 37  


2 ft 45 Yellow with Green
4 ft 49  
6 ft 53  
8 ft 59  


2 ft 32 Yellow with Blue
4 ft 37  
6 ft 43  
8 ft 46  





2 ft 21 Blue with Red
4 ft 25  
6 ft 34  
8 ft 38  


2 ft 43 Blue with Green
4 ft 48  
6 ft 52  
8 ft 57  


2 ft 68 Blue with Blue
4 ft 62  
6 ft 56  
8 ft 51  



After researching, we finally came to our hypothesis. This is what we thought. These graphs and tables may be a bit confusing, but when measuring color, we had to scan the pictures or still frames and find out how much of the primary colors (blue, red, and green) are in the four out of six colors we decided to use. These graphs show the amounts of the primary colors, we thought was in each color we picked from a certain amount of feet away. It was pretty hard, trying to figure out how our hypothesis could be similar to our results. After comparing our hypothesis to our results, our hypothesis wasn't anywhere near what we hoped it to be.