Background Essay

Our experiment design was a 40 Oz. Bottle glued on to a funnel. We glued the funnel to it, so it would be easier for us to catch the bubbles from the club soda. We used some Epoxy glue to attach the funnel and bottle. We wereconcerned that when our design went under water, the funnel and bottle would possibly detach from one another due to the pressure. Fortunately, this didn't happen.

Our project was pretty difficult to work with underwater. One difficulty was that Conor had to do the experiment underwater by himself because James was sick the day of the dive. Also, we didn’t have anything to hold the funnel, so Conor had to hold it in his own hand, while removing the bottle cap. These difficulties made it hard to work with this experiment.

Conor and James got our materials at Gelson's and OSH. We both bought extra materials just in case we experienced any mistakes during the experiment, or anything unfortunate happened.











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