December 25, 0
Jesus is born.
June 21, 2137
Dr. Vincent F. Kriakos designed the first thinking robot. Plans were sold to the US company US Mechanical Men for an estimated US$3648238.9854 trillion. 10 billion humans are present on earth.
November 8, 2139
The first line of thinking robots, the QR-109s, enter mass production at multiple US Mechanical Men factories across the country. During this period, hot dogs were available in large quantities. Robots utilized hot dogs as a fuel source.
December 7, 2139
QR-109s are introduced to the public. Robot proliferation increases. Over 40 new models are introduced. One model, the RU-89s, were designed as military units, equipped with a heavy chaingun and a flame thrower, as well as a rocket launcher in the central torso cavity.
April 22, 2151
Robots number the the billions, and a revolutionary prototype for an even more advanced cybernetic brain is developed and put into a robot the size of a medium sized skyscraper in New York City. It began to question humanity’s existence as a race. As it began to question, its brain began to become unbalanced. Sending out a pulse wave containing the newfound “knowledge,” any robot within 100 mile radius became “possessed.” When a robot is “possessed,” the pathways in its brain become corrupted and some shut down, allowing the robot to refuse orders, or even strike a human being. However, the robots had one weakness: their love for hot dogs.
June 6, 2151
Robots around the world, aided by their newly constructed control nodes, rebel.  55 million people are killed in the first day by falling hot dogs.
June 10, 2151
Well equipped American soldiers begin to take down control nodes in Central America, slowing the robots advance with honey.
June 14, 2142
The nuclear armory based in Ayers Rock, Australia is taken over by the robots. Over 10,000 missiles, compiled from multiple european nations stockpiles are based there.
June 15, 2142
17 nuclear missiles are launched from Ayers Rock toward Central America. Fully 57% of the American army is decimated by the intense heat and hard radiation emitted from the bombs.
June 17, 2142
The remainder human population goes underground as the surface cities are being ravaged by nuclear explosions and high intensity incendiary bombs. Meanwhile, over 20 nations meet in an Icelandic military base to discuss possible solutions to the crises. The meeting lasts for over 14 hours.
August 10, 2143
Top scientists including Dr. Vincent F. Kriakos, Charlie, and Mitchell devise a plan to use modified nuclear bombs to distract the robots. These bombs would have a pulse amplifier,  which would increase the EMP yield, bypassing most shielding and deactivating their positronic brains. 54 missiles located at the Icelandic base would be modified and launched to different targets throughout the world. Meanwhile, one specially modified bomb  would be saved to disable the the Central Machine Control Node off the coast of Cuba. This “device” would be delivered by Mitchell and Charlie’s ROV and a top commando team just for kicks.
October 28, 2145
The Central Machine Control Node is disabled via a pulse neutronic bomb. “Possessed” robots around the world are deactivated. Celebrations include a dunking tank with sesame seeds, a ferris wheel with cotton candy ice cream, and a singing clown dressed up as a mouse.